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ARC Running "Members" receive discounts on a variety of services that our partners offer.

ARC Running Members receive discounts on a variety of services that our partners offer.


Dr. Heather Gansel

Dr. Heather Gansel is a virtual sports chiropractor who has been helping people become pain-free naturally for years. Her approach goes beyond the traditional spinal adjustment, instead focusing on corrective exercise and rehabilitation techniques specific to each individual’s condition. She has a 98% success rate with individuals who are serious about becoming pain-free and has helped thousands of people internationally in under a 3-week period. Dr. Heather’s coaching approach is strongly informed by her targeted research and personal experiences in striving to use exercise to enhance stamina. She has also long worked with other medical professionals to address the needs of frail elderly patients and youth dealing with physical limitations and/or mental/emotional rehabilitation issues and physical education needs. 

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Dr. Whit Voss

Dr. Whit Voss is a chiropractor and ergonomic specialist operating out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Half of our waking hours are spent working, and no matter the job, there is a risk for repetitive stress injuries. Physical pain or discomfort while working uses more physical and mental energy, decreasing productivity and work enjoyment. This leaves you with less energy for the things you enjoy outside of work. With an eye for biomechanics and functional movement, Dr. Whit’s OSHA-based assessments identify areas of improvement for your workstation, prioritizing the equipment you already have available. Offering on-site and virtual ergonomic assessments, he helps you improve your workstation so you can use less energy, decrease repetitive injury risk, and improve your quality of life. 

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Health Coaching

Michelle DeWolf

Michelle DeWolf is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBHWC). Her pre-professional culinary background has found her teaching cooking classes to kids, adults, and families for 10 years while developing a large library of easy, family-friendly, healthy recipes. She has also spent years deepening her nutrition and coaching knowledge, seeing an 80% success rate of her clients meeting or exceeding the health goals they set. Michelle meets each and every client right where they are, in a completely judgment-free zone, and will take them step-by-step in the direction of their dreams.

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Daniel Weiss B

Daniel Weiss has been helping recreational to pro-level runners simplify nutrition and give their bodies all they need to stay healthy and energized for training while also navigating their personal pursuits and caring for family. He ran his first race in 2015, and has been competing in Spartan Races and trail running races since. He found that training hard will only get a person so far; that to stay healthy and competitive one needs to optimal nutrition. He has turned his passion into coaching and sports nutrition, including habit change and vegan diets. He is certified with Precision Nutrition, Power Coaching, and Tony Robbins’ Strategic Intervention. He has been featured on podcasts such as No BS Vegan and Vegan Body Coach, creates weekly nutrition tips for Spartan Race Slovakia, offers public nutrition seminars, and provides resources through his own website, podcast, and social media platforms.

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Personal Training

Christin Craig

Christin Craig is a virtual, certified personal trainer who specializes in helping women lose weight. She works one-on-one with clients through exercise and nutrition education. Her mission is to provide clients with the knowledge and tools they need to become self-sufficient in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Other than customized fitness and nutrition plans, some important features of Christin’s program include bi-weekly check-ins, daily messaging, and access to a community of other women in the same program via an exclusive group chat.

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Dr. Keziah Lyu

Dr. Keziah Lyu is a licensed clinical psychologist who provides individual therapy, assessment, diagnosis, and consultation. Her work with clients is collaborative and integrative, drawing upon your strengths to achieve your goals. She has worked with adults and children across the lifespan and across the range of presenting issues (depression, anxiety, trauma, stress, etc). Her goal is to empower you to take positive and concrete steps toward health and wellness in all areas of your life.

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Dr. Shelley Sheinbein

Dr. Shelly Sheinbein is a licensed sport and counseling psychologist who provides individual therapy and consultation. Her therapeutic style is very collaborative, compassionate, strength-based, social justice-informed, and thought-provoking. She has worked with adults across the lifespan and more specifically has helped athletes at all levels recover from sport injury, manage re-injury anxiety, build mental toughness, improve focus, optimize performance, and achieve their athletic goals. She also has specialties in working with the LGBTQ+ community, addressing identity and acculturation issues, and managing anxiety and depression. She is committed to helping individuals develop a deeper understanding of themselves and relies on her attention to details, transparency, and expression of genuine care to cultivate connection. Shelly draws from a wide range of evidence-based approaches including ACT, CBT, and DBT which emphasize mindfulness, increasing cognitive flexibility, building distress tolerance, and developing growth-fostering connections to promote sustainable change.

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