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Motor Control Assessments


Single Leg Balance Test: Stand on one leg while keeping your pelvis level. Bring one knee up toward your chest. If unable to maintain that position for 30 seconds without falling then proceed to the Balance Progression


Jump Squat Test: Complete this test in front of a mirror. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Come down into a squat then quickly jump up. As you land, take note on the position of your knees – does each align with the center of your foot or does it cave in? Caving in may indicate hip weakness, ankle mobility deficits, or neuromuscular control deficits, so proceed with the Neuromuscular Progression.

Single Leg Squat Test: Another way to test neuromuscular strength and coordination is to perform 5 single leg squats. Are you able to keep your knee aligned with your toes as you come down into a squat position with about 60 degrees hip flexion? If not, proceed with the Neuromuscular Progression