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Strength Assessments


Single Leg Glute Bridge Test: While lying on your back, bring one leg up so that the hip is at 90 degrees. The other foot should be on the ground. With your arms folded or by your side, bring your hips in the air and hold, keeping your core level. When your hip begins to dip or rotate, you get too tired, or start cramping, then the test is concluded. Do the same for the other side. If you are unable to hold for 60 seconds, continue with the Glute Progression.


Trendelenberg Test: Standing in front of a mirror with your hands on your hips, bring one leg up off the ground, and notice if your hands are able to maintain alignment (i.e. stable pelvis).

If your hip drops over 2 cm on the non-standing leg then that may indicate weakness in the glute medius and/or minimus. In that case, continue with the Hip Progression.

Lunge Walk Test: Start with your feet shoulder width apart. Bring one leg forward into a walking lunge, and come back up. Alternate each leg for about 4 steps.

If your knee caves in as you lunge down or if your knee is unstable then that may indicate weakness in your hip abductors such as the glute medius/minimus. In that case, continue with the Hip Progression.


Wall Sit Test: With your feet shoulder width apart about a foot away from the wall, place your back against a wall and then slide down until your knee is bent at 90 degrees. Hold there without your hands touching your thighs for as long as you can.

If you begin to lose your form by coming out of the 90-degree knee position or have to use your hands for support in less than 1 minute then the test is concluded, and continue with the Quad Progression.


Single Leg Calf Raise Test: Standing with your toes on a step, bring your heel down slowly and then straight back up. Go straight up and down, completing a full range of motion. You should not bend your knee at all.

If you fatigue, cannot go up as high (i.e. your range of motion is decreasing), or you begin to use your knee to come up in less than 25 reps then the test is concluded, and you should continue with the Calf Progression.


Front Plank Test: Come up on your toes and elbows, with your elbows directly below your shoulders. Bring yourself up in plank position, keeping your body level the whole time.

If you begin to drop your back or are unable to maintain your form in less than 90 seconds then the test is concluded, and continue with the Core Progression.


Side Plank Test: On your side, come up on your feet and elbow. Your elbow should be positioned directly below your shoulder. Maintain a level body without rotating your torso or hips or allowing them to dip.

If you get too tired or start to lose form in less than 90 seconds then the test is concluded, and continue with the Lateral Core Progression.